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Aesthetic Beige Floral Design Studio Log




      It all started the summer of 2020, anybody remember that? ...Yeah me too. Quarantine was the norm, coronavirus was the talk of the town, and wearing make-shift facemasks everywhere you go had become socially accepted and encouraged. This is a time in our history that a lot of people try to forget but for me, Emma Allender, co-founder of Evangelistic Apparel I have a lot of fond memories of this season of life.
     That summer I had plans to moved to Nashville, Tennesse to work a summer camp but these plans were shattered when the camp was canceled. So there I was in Nashville with no income and limited contact with my friends who lived in the area. This was in many ways a blessing and through the isolation, the Lord laid the idea of the business on my heart. I'd been through this before, thinking about how I could impact the world in a positive way for the honor and glory of God but silly me never put in the effort to get any further than some simple drawings of my clothes.
     The business side of Evangelistic Apparel terrified me and I was always scared I would never be able to do it on my own. (which was of course not true ). Anyways, one of the days I sat alone quarantined in the apartment I was living in at the time I felt the Lord lay it on my heart that it was time. Start the project, take the first step, do the next right thing. So I listened.

Emma A.

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